About Me

This is what I do.

Subedi is a Software Engineer with more than four years of experience. He has designed and developed the mission critical applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate, and jUnit with Mockito. He has used Oracle, DB2 and Greenplum databases with those applications to persist the data. He has also done BI and reporting tasks from creating simple reports to the Executive Dashboards using Cognos 10. He has exposed himself to the Tableau, AngularJs, HTML, REST Web services and JavaScript as well during that span.

His main focus is Java Technologies along with the Big Data. His passion is to create mission critical applications which help people to make better decision of their life.

Currently, he is working on Big Data pipeline. He is developing streaming system to process and analyze data using Apache Kafka, Accumulo, JanusGraph, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark and Apache Storm.